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Hello welcome to my website (, I am Lisa Flowers and I post monthly Spiritual blogs.  On Instagram I am lisajayneflowers (Lijayne72).   On that platform I post daily inspirational quotes influenced by Divine Angelic Connections.  Whereas on my Facebook page, Lisa Derby City (, I post weekly Spiritual information.  On both platforms  I post weekly readings and, a monthly  YouTube video reading.


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My family are Methodist, We are Protestant Christians who believe in the Triune Godhead which is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  This orthodox approach of the Holy Trinity believes that Jesus Christ is a divine human being who believed in humanity.  I am not a practising Methodist, I  don't always pray, but I do acknowledge the existence of a Divine Deity.  I am eternally grateful that I am blessed and my prayers are being answered.  I sometimes meditate and I am learning to be more mindful. I enjoy burning incense sticks, I use them to relax, unwind, cleanse and remove negative energies from my home.

Psychic Development

 I can remember from age 2 onwards seeing brightly coloured orbs that would form the outline of two figures.  I now believe these two coloured human shaped orbs were deceased grandparents.  I always felt a sense of peace, love and joy.  The first significant memory of my developing psychic abilities.  Is  the memory of looking at the dresser mirror in my bedroom and seeing the reflective  image of another child similar age to myself (I was aged 4 or 5).  She  wore a red dress, and she was a cute bony child.  I had inadvertently upon gazing at a reflective surface (The dresser mirror) had seen into the future.  I couldn't understand why I didn't get to see that little girl in the red dress again or why my mother couldn't see this little girl.  Long story short I eventually met that child several years later (That other child was my younger sister).  What I've described is called 'Scrying'.

My second significant memory is from the age of 10, I had a dream in which I am laying in a foetal position with another child.  The shared space was tiny, I could see the colours red and orange and I could hear my mother's voice and in the background a low humming comforting rhythmical drum beat  (my Mother's heartbeat).  With other subsequent dreams, I dreamt of being pushed down a long dark tunnel, seeing a bright white light at the end of the tunnel.  The sensation of being expelled into a brightly lit cold room.  A few days later my sister(s) were born.  This psychic ability to feel another person's thoughts and feelings is called Clairsentience (Clear Feeling, commonly more known as being an 'Empath).

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