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 I believe that we were created by a  Omnipresent Deity, and that  people are individually seeking their  'own life journey'.   People need to be more specific with what they desire.  The universe is always listening and will only grant us  our wishes;   The key point is that as humans we always mis- focus our energies on 'what we don't want' (our fears) but the universe  is like an innocent child and is undiscerning.  Hence is unable to tell the difference between negative and positive intentions.  That is why it is usually  our worse fears  manifested into existence.   Therefore next time remember to be more clear and positive with your intent, start of with something small.


Start of with something simple, such as manifesting your favourite bar off chocolate.    Children always get what they desire because they are explicit and focused with their intention.   What I am describing is simply the 'law of attraction' and the intention is  a form of energy exchange that will result in either a positive or negative outcome.   In September 2017 I was asked to do a 'Reading' by  a colleague.  After the 'Reading' they were impressed and insisted that they wanted to pay for my services.   That was how I manifested my favourite bar of chocolate, and since 2017  I've intuitively  been  guiding and assisting people with using my gifts of Clairvoyance (Psychic Vision), Clairsentience (Spiritual Empath), Clairaudience (Inner Hearing) and Claircognizance (Inner Knowing).



In February 2020, I was awarded my TQUK Level 3 Certificate in Understanding Mental Health (RQF); In December 2016 I was awarded a certificate in the Aspire Programme Wellness Recovery Action Plan for Healthy Lifestyle and Personal Achievement Skills; In July 2004 I obtained my Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with Business Psychology.  These awards are based on my own personal development which I used in a variety of work-based settings such as education, Mental Health and Social Care from 1992 until 2022)

Hence the creation of this website is to offer alternative answer(s) from a Spiritual perspective.




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