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Numbers, Numbers, and more Numbers.

Updated: Jan 15

Have you ever noticed numbers in your every day life. Seen on your laptop, mobile, digital clock, vehicle registration number plates, shopping receipts. Each number is unique and has its own frequency that it vibrates at. This vibration is unique to all numbers and each subsequent number will vibrate with a associated significant meaning. This concept is supported by the philosophers Pythagoras, Plato, and Hermes. Pythagoras believed that the universe is mathematically precise and each individual number has its own unique vibration, significance and moral behaviours. Whilst Plato believed that everything in the universe is designed by basic geometric shapes derived from numbers such as triangles (from 3) and cubes (from 4) .

It is believed that the positioning of numbers in sequencing has a significant or special meaning. For example, when they are 3 or more numbers, the middle number is representative of the primary focus. Numerology is a scared science that is still relevant in modern society. Some people believe that divine angelic messages are being conveyed to people third dimensionally. Simplistically numerology is usually dependent on the interpreter and below is a interpretation of each basic energy vibration from which the energy are derived from the represented individual numbers from 0 to 9 (larger multi-numbers are comprised of the energy represented by each individual numbers within that number and single individual numbers that the multi-numbers are reduced to a single whole number).

Below is a example of reducing today's date to a single digit number for interpretation

01/10/2020 is 1st October 2020

thus 01+01+20+20 is 1+1+20+20=42

therefore 42 becomes 4+2=6

The single digit is 6, the numerology meaning for 6 is Nurture. 6 is about harmonious relationships, healing, idealism and being responsible i.e. Family.

One-word interpretative meaning

0 is Everything

1 is Alone

2 is Together

3 is Creative

4 is Pragmatic

5 is Freedom

6 is Nurture

7 is Introspection

8 is Business

9 is Humanitarian

Below is a more in-depth interpretative meaning of the numbers 0 to 9. Each individual number energy vibe is unique, making them different from each subsequent number before, after and in-between.

One-paragraph interpretative meaning

0 is Everything meaning it is both closed and open. This is about infinity, unlimited resources, in other words 0 represents all that is and all the potential that can be achieved.

1 is Alone meaning it is about being independent, alone and self-sufficient. This number can co-exist with others but is comfortable being alone as well.

2 is Together and its meaning is all about relationships, teamwork, partnerships and co-existence with others, can also refer to diplomacy meaning never being alone.

3 is about being Creative and it resonates with being self-expressive, entertaining an audience, being sociable, optimistic, inspirational and tolerant of others artistic talents.

4 is Pragmatic and this is about being hard working and conscientious, with long term plans due to being sensible with finances and resources. Four is about being methodical, conservative and protective but is also reliable and trustworthy.

5 is about personal Freedom and change. It is about transformation, exploration, being

sociable and interacting socially with different cultures. To be non-judgemental and curious, hence more adventurous and willing to travel far and wide.

6 is Nurture, it is about ideals, family, harmony and healing qualities. It is about responsibilities, love, self-sacrifice and protection, sympathy and compassion.

7 is about being Introspective and inner wisdom. 7 is being perspective, astute and having the ability to be analytic, hence will enjoy literary and scientific pursuits which means they can assimilate the actions and reactions of others by observing the environment they inhabit.

8 is about building and material acquisition. This is applicable to business and finance that build companies, institutions, roads, policies and other societal attributes. When applied to a person 8 is pragmatic, efficient and in positions of management, due to being

highly organised individuals.

9 is about being humanitarian with concern for the welfare of humanity. 9 is non-judgemental, compassionate, tolerant of unconventional life styles and different faiths and tend to be philanthropic with a vision of an ideal society.


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