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Lisa Derby City is a Psychic not a Medium.

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

I identify has a Spiritual Consultant with Psychic abilities. I have the ability to connect with non-physical energies outside of myself and I work telepathically with Spirits who communicate with me by giving messages. These messages I usually receive mentally, and physically. I am able to mentally tap into the Spirit world by hearing, feeling, and seeing Spirit. I am a Spiritual receptionist' who passes on messages to individuals that seek my service. I provide 'Psychic readings with the assistance of Tarot, Oracle and Sand, I am not a Medium as I do not bring messages through the deceased. I am only able to pass on messages I have received. My abilities are more Psychic because I am sensitive to energy that is emitted by living physical beings. The energy is emitted from the auras from humans, animals, plants, trees and all of the 'Psychical plane' from nature. I am able to 'tune in' to this emitted energy of my surroundings by aligning with higher frequencies, it is similar to tuning an analogue radio.

Therefore I can see into the past, present and future events that are all connected to the energy field being transmitted from anything that is living. My 5 senses are highly attuned and I am more sensitive to my surroundings and I use my 3rd eye chakra sometimes referred to as the mind's eye or inner eye, to open up my psychic abilities. My popular requested tool of divination is tarot which enables for a more accurate and precise reading, along with my Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) Clairvoyance (clear seeing), Clairsentience (ability to perceive emotional or psychic energy) and Precognition (the ability of being able to see future events) which enables for a better connection with my customers. I am like 'Doctor Who' in that I can time travel because I use my Psychic abilities to help me focus on the customer's specific question(s).

The more open a person is, the easier I can connect with their energy field using my intuition to read what is happening with them in the present time, even if they have not expressed this verbally I sense energy through my chakras, these are spinning disks of energy points in the body that should remain open and be aligned, as they correspond to bundles of nerves, major organs, and areas of our energetic body that affects a persons emotional and physical well-being. I have the ability to transfer energy to another person and I have the ability to receive messages from deceased people who are in spirit. My intuition enables for me to read what is happening with my customer in the present time, even if they have not expressed this verbally because I sense energy through my chakras.


I definitely posses paranormal abilities, that are supernatural because I can read your past, present and future from my 'Tools of Divination', hence I refer to myself as a Spiritual Consultant due to my Psychic abilities, and I have the characteristics of a ''Clairvoyant''. However, it is imperative that people need to understand that any Psychic predictions are influenced by people's behaviour that in affect can affect the accuracy of the reading, because I am only in the capacity of giving guidance and people have free will, hence we are in control of our own destinies. I believe that I actually posses a 6th sense that enables for me to access previously unavailable information. I offer practical and Spiritual insight on a diverse range of subjects, including but not limited to family issues, financial issues, career development, and romantic relationships. I don't provide readings linked to pregnancies, health or legal matters.

I am not a Medium, I do not use my Psychic abilities to communicate with dead people, I am unable to provide information on dead people, locate missing people or lost items and I do not posses the ability to assist people who have passed from this world into making their transition to the afterlife. I may posses ESP abilities but I do not communicate with the supernatural. A Psychic reading is all about you and your life in the present moment. I will analyse your energy field and explain the Spiritual insights gained, I am not a Medium because I do not merge my own Spirit with other Spiritual energies, that are more ethereal and subtle compared to human energies, hence feel free to contact me if you seek clarification about yourself and your life.



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