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Types of Empaths

Updated: Jan 22

Empaths are people with the paranormal ability to perceive the mental or emotional state of another person. Empaths are highly sensitive people who are spiritually very open, good listeners who are nurturing souls. Hence due to being sensitive they often go throughout life having their feelings hurt and being advised by society to ''stop being sensitive and toughen up''. Empaths unconsciously absorb other people's emotions due to being highly attuned to other people's moods (good and bad). They absorb negativity such as anxiety or anger which makes them feel overwhelmed, depressed and exhausted. If they are surrounded by positive energy, they feel invigorated, loving and calm. Majority of empaths are naturally introverted souls and dislike crowds, which can make them feel overwhelmed and amplify their empathy. Even if an empath is extroverted, they still prefer to limit how much time they are surrounded by people be it in a crowd or at a party. Empaths are highly intuitive and experience their world through listening to their gut feelings about people. This enables empaths to develop positive relationships and avoid attracting narcissistic people. Empaths often need solitude to recharge their batteries being around people can emotionally drain an empath. Empaths like to take their own car when they visit places so that they can leave when they please. Empaths can become overwhelmed in intimate relationships. Too much togetherness can be difficult for empaths so they may avoid intimate relationships. The reality is that they are scared of being overwhelmed and losing their sense of identity. For empaths to feel comfortable in relationships it needs to be unconventional and non-traditional. Empaths unwittingly attract energy vampires whose fear or anger will drain the empath's physical energy. Empaths enjoy being outside nature to recharge the busyness of everyday life. The natural world restores them enabling to release any stresses and seek refuge in the presence of nature by gardening or walking outside or being in or near large bodies of water. Empaths senses are highly tuned, and their nerves can get upset by noise, smells or excessive talking (cited from Dr Judith Orloff's book ''The Empath's Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People).

There are said to be nine types of Empaths and are as follows:

  1. Plant Empaths have a natural affinity to plants, trees and flowers. They intuitively connect with their needs and communicate with spirits. They know instinctively if plants are healthy and what is needed to heal them if they are not thriving. They have a green thumb, they can farm, horticulture, botany, or became landscape garden designers. They are happy when surround by plants and natural wood. Thus, it is not surprising that plant empaths may feel the pain of green living things. To release the pain, they should acknowledge these emotions and physical sensations by using breathing techniques to exhale their discomfort out of their bodies.

  2. Telepathic Empaths can read what is happening with others in present time, even unexpressed thoughts and emotions. They have a natural sense of knowing and finish other people's sentences much to their own surprise.

  3. Dream Empaths have dreams that bypass the ego and the linear mind to offer clear intuitive information. They bring guidance about healing, spirituality, and dealing with difficult emotions (sometimes through the power of nightmares). Dream empaths may have spirit guides who communicate during sleep. Can appear in many forms (animals, people, angels or loving voices). Their dreams can foretell them how to overcome obstacles and reach their objectives.

  4. Precognitive Empaths (PCE's) have premonitions about the future even while they're awake or when they are dreaming. They have access to other dimensions, the Akashic records which hold the past, present and future. PCE's also have access to highly charged negative events as these emotions send lounder signals.

  5. Mediumship Empaths communicate with people, animals, and spirits on the other side. Mediumship Empaths communication with the 'Other Side' can happen instantly to sensitive children and untrained adults.

  6. Earth Empaths (EE's) are attuned to the Earth's energy and ever-present planetary changes. EE's are prone to Seasonal Affective Disorder, becoming depressed in the winter months when days are shorter and darker. EE's have premonitions about natural disasters or feel them intensely in their bodies as they are occurring. EE's also sensitive to solar flares. EE's can have headaches, mood swing, anxiety or experience heart palpitation during electromagnetic solar flare storms.

  7. Animal Empaths can be found as a horse or dog whisperer. They can sense when animals feel worried, upset, lonely or unsafe. It should not be a surprise that they attract animals wherever they go, and animals like being in their presence.

The shamanic Quechuan word for empath is ''Qawaq'' which means ''one who sees'' living energy. The Incas believe that people born with the ability to experience the energy of others have a great blessing as they able to connect to their Souls and the Spirit of existence much more easily than others; Because an empath is a person who picks up on other people's emotion and energy, hidden behaviours and true personality characteristics. Empaths can wear other people's truth and energy just like the mask that they hide behind, even if the person is unaware of what they are projecting. Anything that is hidden, such as a person insecurity, shame, suppressed guilt, or anger, becomes build the longer that this energy is left buried. If someone have

these characteristics, they don't like about themselves, they are often reminded of those characteristics when they are in the presence of an empath. This is one reason there can be an instant dislike towards an empath. If this has ever been your experience. It could be a sign that you are reflecting back to them the truth that they deny. Empaths are approximately 20% of the Population. Sure, that amounts to billions of people worldwide but depending on your location and vocation, your Empath presence may not be the majority. Having unique set of needs from others may leave you explaining why you conduct yourself in the way that you do which can be an exhausting process. Hence the five tough lessons empaths must learn is that:

  1. Take care of yourself. You can't help others when you are broken.

  2. Putting up boundaries may upset other people, do it any way.

  3. If a situation is painful, you must remove yourself ASAP!

  4. Sometimes you can't help a person, unless they want to be helped.

  5. You can't save everyone.

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