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What are Chakras?

Updated: Jan 23

Chakras are the energy centres of the body. It is a Sanskrit word, 'chakra' meaning 'wheel' or 'disk'. Each chakra is comprised of individual spinning disks, that create a vortex. It is these vortices that release filtered energy of our surrounding environment and disperse it throughout our physical body.

Location of the seven major chakras.

Root chakra (sometimes referred to as the Base chakra) is located at the coccyx at the base of the spine.

Sacral chakra is just below the belly button, if you try and place your thumb on your belly button with your palm on your stomach, you be able to locate your sacral chakra by feeling it under the palm of your hand.

Solar plexus chakra is behind the soft cartilage at the bottom of the breast bone.

Crown chakra is on the top of the head.

Heart chakra is in the middle of the chest.

Throat chakra is in the middle of the throat.

The Third Eye chakra (sometimes referred as the Brow chakra) is located in the middle of the forehead, above the eye brows.

The Crown chakra is located above the head.

Apparently there are said to be122 secondary chakras that are said to be located in our hands, knees and feet. Spiritual people recognise a chakra below their feet, connecting them to the earth, and another is located about 30cm (12 inches) above the crown chakra, that helps them feel connected to a divine healing source.

Chakras in our Hands.

To be able to feel the energy centres in your hands, start to clench both hands into fists a couple of times. Then relax your hands and, place your hands about 30 cm (12 inches) apart, slowly move your hands together. You now will be able to feel or sense 'increased' pressure between your hands. This is believed to be the minor energy chakras in your hands. Natural born healers will often feel intense hot energy flow from their hands during and after a healing sessions, because they have activated their hand chakras.

Chakras and Kundalini.

In Hindu mythology, Goddess Kundalini, is believed to be one incarnation of the Great Mother deities, was represented as a sleeping coiled serpent located at the base of the spine. This symbolic representation of the human connection to the Divine female Goddesses, is where the energy of Kundalini lies waiting the base chakra. In order for the human soul to achieve its full potential, this Kundalini energy must rise upwards through the chakras towards the Divine Masculine of the Crown chakra. This union of the feminine and masculine is said to be the joining of the creative and the sexual energies.

People who practise yoga may consciously concentrate on encouraging this Kundalini energy to rise up the spine by using specific postures, purification rituals and breathing techniques. Some people may decide to follow a guru or spiritual teacher with the belief that spiritual enlightenment will be passed from their teacher to themselves.


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