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Energy Connections

Updated: May 21

I call back all my Energy to me, I call back all my Power to me, I call back all my Magic to me. Anything connected to me shall be prosperous, all disconnections shall not thrive on my vibration. All things will work out for my highest good. Love is not an Emotion, it is the most powerful Energy in the universe. This Energy is indestructible, it converts from one form into another form. When emotions cause stress, it is the energy asking you to vibrate at a higher frequency, so that it can be transformed and became free from lower negative vibrations. Hence it is alright to embrace your shadows. Once your shadow is embraced and accepted it can start to be healed. The universe responds to your frequency. It does not recognise your personal desires, wants or needs. It only understands the frequency in which you are vibrating at. If you vibrate in the frequency of shame or guilt you will attract things of a similar vibration. If you vibrate in the frequency of love, joy and abundance, you are going to attract things that support that frequency. It is like tuning into an old fashioned analogue radio station. You need to be tuning into the music you want to listen to, similar to having to be tuned into the energy you want to manifest into your life. Change your mindset, it will change your life. We are all connected through Energy.

When the Earth is vibrating at 3D level people energies are low hence more negative energy is being emitted. Hence people are feeling fearful, fleeing war torn countries, debt, faminine, illness, povetrty, anger, highly emotional, mistrust, complaining, consumption, panic buying and scarcity. 4D level people are becoming more introspective, hopeful, reflective, self-motivated, releasing control, seeing the good/bad, believing in conspiracy theories. 5D people are becoming more 'woke' and acting in a more collective consciousness. Changing their faith or becoming more spiritual. living in the present moment, being more empathetic, grateful, creative, adaptable, helping others and creating more equal opportunities. Once people can learn to embrace their negative emotions and let it pass through without attaching a narrative to it. Not all emotions you feel are yours, some of these emotions are learnt habits and some you absorbed sub-consciously after hearing, reading or seeing from various media platforms or from your recent interactions with another person. If you attach a negative narrative that comes with the emotion, your perspective is not true. Negative narrative are stories with false perspectives, or they would not impact negatively causing distress. It is best to let the emotion pass without attaching to it or believing in the stories or ideas. It completely changes the narrative. This emotion will soon pass, thus allowing the higher state of consciousness becoming fully aware.

The universe will always bring the right people into your life, but you have to let the wrong people walk away. That is why it is important that sometimes you need to work on yourself and vibe alone for a short while, because every season doesn't need company that does not resonate with your own personal vibe. Once you grasp the concept that Gods have no religion that heaven and hell are simply a mental construct that reflects our higher and lower state of consciousness in which we can travel to here in the physical world based on the frequencies we choose to vibrate at because heaven and hell are not actual physical places. In essensce we never truly die because we are endless infinite energy that lives on forever.


Like grains of sand, small acts of self care can get rid of any negative thoughts, leaving a more positive perspective and a refreshed hope. That's why being happy is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you decide to be happy. No one will make you happy unless you decide to be happy. Your happiness will come to you, it can only come from within you. Adam is an Atom, Eve is an Electron. The garden of Eden is your mind, the most high is your higher self. The tree of life is good and evil is your nature which is 180% positive and 180% negative. But being human we are blinded by constructs called religion, we worship Things that's Unseen to us to even to be fully aware of this. The universal law of one. We are all connected, meaning that as I heal myself and raise my vibration, others collectively benefit from that energy. This is the most beneficial technology being hidden in plain sight is the actual power in our own consciousness.

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