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Black its just L.I.S.A (Living in Spiritual Awareness)

I am magic and power. I am here to live, learn, laugh, love, celebrate, develop and contribute. I believe in the power of magic. To be magical is to be free. My ancestry originates in Africa in which my ancestors practiced in Spirituality which is the inner knowledge of simply understanding of the Oneness with yourself, family, tribe, the earth and the infinite cosmos that you come from and harnessing the equilibrium of them within. This is where my Lisa Derby City (Ltd) is Raturning (meaning to return to Ra in Egyptian Mythology this describes the Sun God and Main Deity, who is usually depicted as having the head of a hawk and wearing the solar disk as their crown). I am not an atheist, I just don't believe in the idea that God lives in the sky. My God/Goddess lives within Me. The person who is in tune with the Universe becomes a radio receiver through which the voice of the Universe is transmitted. I am still learning on not to use my energy to worry. I am trying to now use my energy to believe, create, trust, develop, radiate, manifest and heal. I sometimes identify as a Witch. I am my own teacher and the Spiritual path I've chosen linked to my practices and dedication is ongoing. Books can only teach me so much, the rest that I learn is from my own life experiences.

Below is my favourite affirmations

"I release old energy, fears, negative thoughts, toxic patterns, negative attachments, outdated beliefs and anything out of alignment. I am ready for transformation and welcome this shifting energy. I am clearing space for a new chapter, filled with amazing opportunities, deep soul connections, abundance and magnificent blessings"

"Mother Earth, enlighten what's dark in me, strengthen what 's weak in me, mend what's broken in me, heal what's sick in me, and lastly revive whatever peace and love has died in me."

It is becoming more apparent that this year you can be standing next to another person and be existing in two completely alternate realities. The human body is nothing but a space suit, we are all spiritual light beings having a human experience. Therefore it can be said that our Auras are like an energy's mood ring. Like moods...they change.


When you follow the crowd you lose yourself, but when you follow your spirit you will lose the crowd. Eventually your spirit tribe will appear, but do not fear the process of solitude, embrace and trust the process. Scientists has shown that our DNA can be reprogrammed by words, feelings and intentions. We are the programmers, I will continue to own my power because I am aligning myself closer towards my passion. I accept only what will bring me closer to where my heart calls for me to be. If we all become reflective, we can become our own source of light.

Disclaimer this is purely for entertainment purposes only!

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