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Black Man Sorrow

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

How you going to change your mind, if your heart is unmovable. Like trying to get blood out of a stone. But you are willing to shed the blood of a Black Man.

What crime did he commit? None, apart from being born 'Black and Male'.

I hear the voices of Black Men asking the same question '' why do you hate me? Why do you look at my Black skin with hateful eyes?, why do you hate my Black skin?.

Is it a criminal offence to be born a Black Man?, what gives you permission to 'shed' my blood, now turning my Black skin red.

Now my family no longer have their Son, Brother, Father, Husband, Uncle, Nephew, Cousin, Lover. Another family destroyed by the people employed to protect and serve us. The law of this land don't recognise my worth or value my existence but my Black Life does Matter too.

Enough is enough!.

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