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Updated: Jan 23

What is Energy?

Energy is the divine life force of our physical bodies and is sometimes referred to as Chi. This affects people spiritually and mentally. Energy blockages are believed to be caused by trapped energy that manifest into illnesses . Everyone operates at different sensitivity levels, irrespective if a person is empathic or not.

What causes energy blocks?

Anything that disrupts a person's natural flow of energy will affect their Chi (life force). This means that people will become unbalanced spiritually and mentally resulting in feelings of becoming 'dis-eased'. This causes disconnection with their inner and outer worlds. These energy blocks may be caused by internal influences i.e. historical negative childhood memories or post traumatic stress disorder i.e. Covid-19 and/or external influences i.e. cultural expectations from their communities or institutions (beyond their control).

Common symptoms of blocked energy

Anxiety, Allergies, Addictions, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Eating Disorders, Difficulties in Sleeping, Sexual and Self-Identity Issues, Relationship Issues, Dissociation issues (feelings of disconnection), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Low Self-Esteem, Narcissistic Abuse (To self and others), Financial Issues...etc.

How to clear blocked energy

The best way to clear blocked energy is to increase your vibration levels. This helps reduce and remove negative energy from your inner and outer worlds. This means effectively learning how to develop a more positive mental attitude (P.M..A).

Inspired by A. Puranikk


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