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Dark Night of the Soul

Updated: Jan 22

The Dark Night of the Soul occurs when people who are ascending spiritually will experience moments of confusion, despair and sadness. This can sometimes be caused by a trauma triggered by people feeling apathy or becoming aware of toxic relationships with other people. These relationships are often unhealthy family dynamics or patterns of learnt behaviour from their childhood.

Things that may occur during this Spiritual Awakening:

  • People will suddenly change their careers and discover their true life vocation.

  • People will experience relationships/friendships ending suddenly or simply outgrowing some relationships without knowing why.

  • People will become more introverted, preferring to spend time alone, noisy crowded environments will cause them to feel anxious.

  • People will feel compelled to use their spare time to do research or learn more.

  • People will became aware of their own 'ego' and the mental 'internal dialogue' it brings.

  • People will increasingly become more 'self-aware' of dysfunctional family patterns and how its impacted them from childhood through to adulthood.

This can be a traumatic and fearful process to experience because people are now becoming fully aware of their own trauma, trauma carried within society, and the realisation that collectively people live in a social construct called culture that conditions us to exist in 'autopilot'.

Things to understand during this Spiritual Awakening:

  • It's alright to be misunderstood.

  • Existing relationships may end or newly formed relationships more grow deeper.

  • It's normal to feel isolated in a world that doesn't value mental and emotional well-being.

  • It is vital and important to realise that when people are experiencing their Spiritual Awakening it is alright to focus on their own needs.

  • People will often experience past painful memories resurfacing from their childhood that still needs to be healed.

  • Therefore people will often experience feeling anxious or just ''off''. Feeling tearful for no apparent reason

due to random overwhelming strong emotions that makes them want to 'break down and cry'.

  • People will understand the importance of learning to love their 'inner child'.

This Spiritual Awakening will be isolating due to people have difficulty in articulating what they are experiencing and thus will often feel that on one can fully appreciate or comprehend. This will often be experienced as going through an bereavement. In a sense people will be mourning their 'old conditioned selves' because in a sense their 'old self' is 'dying' as people are becoming increasingly more 'self-aware' (or fully conscious). Therefore it is important that people allow themselves to mourn, grieve and get plenty of rest during their Spiritual Journey.


This Spiritual Awakening simply means that people are individually healing, growing and finally are discovering their true authentic selves. Also it could be due to an hormonal imbalances and it is always advisable to seek a medical advise.

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