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Different types of Soul Connections

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

A Soul mate connection can either be platonic or romantic connection that is linked to your soul throughout several lifetimes. You both help each other to develop, prosper and heal along your Soul journey. We have many Soul mates as we are all part of a common spiritual consciousness that is interlinked at a soul level. This type of connection occurs when two people feel they are linked on a soul level in a extraordinary manner.

Signs of a Soul Connection

You have crossed paths many life times, but only once did a spark of recognition was ignited.

  • They show up at a most difficult time in your life.

  • Your quirks are their quirks.

  • A significant life lesson is learnt from this type of relationship.

  • A sense of wholeness occurs when you are in their company.

  • Doors of opportunities happen when you are both together.

  • They contact you when you are thinking of them.

  • This type of relationship is self-less because you give more to them than anyone else and you receive more from them too (cited from

You know you have made a connection with someone from your Soul Tribe

  • You keep eye contact with them is intense and profound.

  • You are instantly attracted to them.

  • You feel like you have them your whole entire life.

  • You both speak the ''same language''.

  • You always feel positive and energised when in their company.

  • You both had similar life experiences.

  • They appear in your life when you need the most spiritual support and guidance.

Karmic and Twin Flame/Soul connection

A Karmic Connection is meant to reflect your darkest energies and refocus your soul trajectory towards your highest good, not before destroying a dying part of you in the process. This type of connection appears to enter your life at the wrong time, but actually this is the right time because your higher self calls them in when your ego is trapped in a cycle of Karmic negativity. When your soul meets its perfect reflected frequency this triggers the process of clearing out all the traumatic toxic behaviours that have prevented you from existing as your true authentic self. Twin souls were created to help purge all of your ego conditioning at the right time. The Universe never makes any mistakes. Hence this Twin Flame or Twin Soul is someone who shares the same soul as you and are simply a catalyse to your spiritual awakening. This is the most intense connection, physically, emotionally, psychologically and sexually. A Soul-less portal is a physical vessel void of divinity and its soul purpose is to prevent your spiritual development and sometimes this can cause harm, and a Ancestor is a deceased family in spirit who has either crossed the veil, or is stuck within it.


The above different types of spiritual connections such as the Soul mate is a instant because you feel like you've known them before. Usually an easy relationship, some may result in marriage and this type of connection teaches you about self-love. The Twin Flame/Soul connection is someone you share the same soul with. This connection is intense filled with synchronicities. Everything about yourself that you have been running from, is suddenly is reflected. The difference between kindred spirits, soulmates and twin flames is that kindred spirits are people that vibrate at the same frequency as you. Soulmates are people in our lives whom we connect with on a deep level and twin flames are two halves of the same soul, separated at birth and are searching for one another in this lifetime.

Disclaimer this is for entertainment purposes

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