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Updated: Jan 8

Low hanging fruit growing in a hostile environment, no wonder 'I have a chip on my shoulder'. Bourne from the fruits of the Windrush generation, that replied to the 'Mother Country' request for help, filling in the labour shortage. The first time you didn't ask, instead you stole the 'low hanging fruit' from my ancestral home Dispersed my ancestors across the globe and, despite 450 years of slavery allegedly being abolished. I was still a' indentured servant' who along with my taxes help the UK finally pay off their slavery debt to the slave owners families in 2014.

The Empire that raped, looted, killed and enslaved my ancestors. My Black skin is the Blue in the British flag, a contrast to the Red Cross of St. George, The Red Cross on the Blue to signify that I am 'Them', 'Other', 'Sub-human', 'Dark Pickaninny with large Watermelon Smiles', 'Nigger', 'Blackie', 'Black Bitch', 'Whore', 'Slut', 'Foreign' in other words not indigenous to this terrain called the UK, England.

My name is stereotypical English, my accent with grammatical errors in my speech despite my University Education, my middle working class background ''I am still Black''. Should I assimilate and look more professional if I hide and tame my Afro hair under wigs and weaves or put 'creamy crack' to permanently relaxed my natural roots, I am not light skinned and I am not Black in my colour, I am dark brown (for political purposes I call myself Black). I've stopped using the 'creamy crack' , my hair is no longer hiding under weaves or wigs or extensions, its grows upwards in kinky tight soft curls, that likes to be twisted or let loose and free. I am not making a political statement, I don't go to church unless its a wedding, christening or funeral. 'Shock Horror' I don't smoke Ganja, Weed , Pot , or Cannabis, I don't just like Reggae and I actually not a great fan of 'Hip Hop or Rap.

I digress, my ''Chip on my should'' would like to say 'Fuck Britain' , but it is my origin of birth. It is no longer Great with the systematic racism still revealing itself at home in the UK and in the USA. Everything I have experienced in the past reinforces that ''I didn't image it'', the killing of another innocent Black Person during a global pandemic inadvertently started a chain reaction in which collective Black voices all in unison stated ''Enough is enough'' .

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