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Secrets of the Infinity Symbol

Updated: Jan 18

The infinity sign is used globally. It originated in Egypt; the infinity symbol is said to be a simple representation of the Ouroboros. The Ouroboros is a snake, represented as a circle eating its tail,

Today it is more recognisable as an infinity Symbol. With the infinity Symbol, there is no beginning or end. It represents the universe as on ongoing and continuous entity, this Symbol reminds us that everything is constantly evolving. It is a significant reminder of our connection to ourselves and the universe, the never-ending cycle of life and the power of unifying together as one.

The infinity symbol comes from Uraeus, the magical cobra of ancient Egypt. What is less know is that this symbol is found in two depictions. Uraeus is either Mehet (the coiled one) or Laret (the risen one). Both snakes symbolically assume the 00 position with one expectation. The risen Uraeus is the eye of the Sun (is awakened), ready to claim its power, fight against darkness and oblivion. This means the Symbol of infinity is a symbol of our endless life lessons and incarnations and call us to wake up and rise like Uraeus, realising our divinity and claiming our magic.

It's a Greek Letter

The Symbol of infinity is derived from the last letter of the original Greek alphabet letter called Omega. The letter Omega (w) became the infinity Symbol, to denote the continuity beyond the End (oo). From the Christian perspective they believed Jesus Christ is symbolically depicted as the Alpha and Omega (which is the beginning and end (of time). But if God is said to be an infinite Deity and time is infinite, this letter Omega (w) became the infinity symbol, to describe the continuity beyond the End (oo)

What does figure 8 mean on its side?

In the 17th century the infinity symbol got its mathematical meaning when it was first used by John Wallis who didn't explain his reasoning for using the figure number 8 on its side, The Romans used a similar type of symbol to express large numbers such as 1000 that was written like this 0I0 meaning ''many'' The infinity Symbol in modern society is a figure of eight on its side, it symbolises limitlessness or eternity, when it is used in mathematics and metaphorically with regards to love.


The Zero is the starting point of all manifestation and the source from which all the other numbers come. It's centre-point of is the start of creation, the matrix of unlimited possibilities and the originator of infinity. In Numerology, the Zero magnifies the number which precedes it. Mythology and history have given this Angel number 0000 negative press, hence people used to associate this number with bad luck, betrayal and evil deeds. This is actually a positive number and is associated with positivity, power and good fortune, it is a number that instils optimism and self-confidence in people who see it and it symbolises the circle of life, wholeness and togetherness. In numerology 0 represents fresh starts new beginnings, 00 is a sign from the Universe to keep vigilant for messages from spiritual realms. 000 is a reminder of your alignment with the universe and to keep a positive mental attitude and realise that all that you need will be given. 0000 this is a sign to be prepared that certain chapters in your life are ending and it is a time for new beginnings'. 000 can be perceived to represent number of things, dependent on your spiritual beliefs. You may believe that it is a sign of your connection with God/Goddess, a sign that the universe is listening to you or simply a sign that a wonderful abundance awaits your future self.

(information sourced from the teachings of the High Priest of the Scared Phoenix)

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