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Signs you experience when in the presence of Spirit.

Updated: Jan 22

  1. You will notice that there is a change in room temperature. This may be experienced by you only (sudden Goosebumps is a sign as well).

  2. Seeing shadows out of the corner of your eye (this is very common).

  3. You can sometime sense their touch. If not their touch, you can feel a presence near you.

  4. You may experience having vivid dreams or nightmares.

  5. Your sleeping pattern will be disturbed due to your body reacting when your energy is disturbed by a spiritual presence. Therefore you will be unable to sleep due to hearing strange sounds or noises or waking up to discover yourself in a uncomfortable position.

  6. You may experience sudden heart beats or feel suddenly anxious for no apparent reason.

  7. You may hear sudden whispers or feel that you are being watched constantly. You will experience feeling physically drained and fatigue because your energy is being depleted by the presence of spirit, hence it is important to protect your space!.

  8. You will hear someone calling your name or being physically shaken when there is nobody else around (this usually means that a spirit is trying to make contact with you).

  9. The spirit presence may be a love one or a negative spirit. If you feel warm, protected and safe, this may be your spirit guide or ancestor. But if you feel cold, anxious or upset, then this is not a good spirit and you need to protect yourself!( If you don't feel comfortable in praying or asking for divine intervention, you can say a mantra/invocation such as:

''I invoke the light within me, I am clear and perfect channel, Light is my guide''

Disclaimer this is strictly for entertainment purposes

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