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Spiritual meaning of ringing in your ears.

Updated: Jan 22

When I started on my spiritual journey, I always experienced periodic ringing in my left ear. I have only recently discovered the spiritual significance of this ringing in my ears, especially my left ear. The spiritual significance of experiencing ringing in your ears is a sign that you are hyper-sensitive and fully aware of subtle energy changes in your environment that you are experiencing in your human physical and etheric bodies (This refers to our ether body and it is the name given to our ''human energy field'' sometimes referred to as our 'aura'. It is believed to be contacted to our human physical body and it is this immediate contact that it keeps to sustain our bodies and to connect the body to our ''higher self/consciousness'') This usually means that you have psychic abilities and you are able to discern information from the exchange of energies within your environment, hence you may have clairaudient (clear hearing) or clairsentient (clear feeling) abilities.

They may be several reasons why you are experiencing ringing in your ears, is it a medical reason or is it spiritual. It is always advisable to seek firstly a medical advise from your doctor, if there is no medical issues for the periodically and pain free ringing sensation in your ears, then this may be a spiritual sign. People who are Hyper-sensitive or highly empathic and are able to feel other people's energy and often discover later in life they have natural psychic abilities such as clairvoyance (clear knowing).

The significance of the ringing in the ears may relate to one or more of the following:

  • A change in their surrounding energy field, this simply means stepping into a lower or higher vibrational state.

  • The presence of a negative low vibrating entity that triggers chaos and dark unhealthy thoughts and feelings.

  • Emotional and negative energy emotional attachments to others through energetic links.

  • Receiving a message from a spirit guide (this may be a deceased family member, angels or Extra Terrestrial (a highly evolved being).

Left ear ringing sound

If you hear a ringing sound in your left ear this signifies that energies are shifting internally. The left ear is in tune with more with what is happening within the centre of your energy field. This ringing sound indicates a message from your higher self. This ear ringing sound in your left askes that you need to be alert and on your guard, especially with your thoughts and feelings, try and keep a positive mental attitude as you are more likely to manifest your intentions be it good or bad. Usually ringing in the left ear signifies that circumstances you are dealing with don't have a positive outcome, hence adjust your plans accordingly. This left ear ringing is also a warning sound for you to re-examine, re-adjust, re-focus and is about 'wake up' and be more realistic with regards to your true life vocation.

High Pitched : ringing sound in your left ear signifies spiritual development resulting in vibrating at a higher frequency and recalibrating your energy field to become more aligned spiritually.

Low Pitched: ringing sound in your left ear signifies negative energies that is lowering your vibration and causes your energy to become out off-balance, hence hearing a low humming sound.

White (Buzzing) noise static: is a message from your higher self or consciousness and this signifies you are learning to listen to your 'inner voice' (intuition) and learning to go with the flow.

Loud and sudden ringing: in your left ear is a pre-warning from your higher self to pay attention and be alert.

Right ear ringing sound

If you hear a ringing sound in your right ear this signifies a positive answer is on its way. It is possible that someone is speaking unkindly about you or spreading negative rumours, hence your Guardian Angel is informing you to be more discerning in who you allow into your personal space with regards to who can you trust when establishing newly formed relationships or sharing a secret with. The ringing sound in your right ear is to let your be informed that you are not alone and that you are being guided and protected by heavenly support.

High Pitched: ringing sound in the right ear signifies that a spiritual entity is communicating via your crown chakra (spiritual centre). These spiritual entities are connected to the non-human deity often referred to as the 'Divine Source' and maybe highly evolved spiritual beings such as Angels..

Low Pitched: ringing sound in the right ear signifies that lower vibrational entities caused by stress and anxiety are affecting your vibrational energy field from your lower chakras.

White (Buzzing) Noise: in your right ear signifies strong emotional bonds to another physical being be it a child, partner, parent, friend or animal. This bond causes a soft white (buzzing) noise.

Loud and sudden ringing: sound in your right ear is your Angel or spirit guide trying to get your attention. This can be either a positive or negative message

from your spirit guides.

Disclaimer this is purely informational, any medical concerns regarding persistent ringing sounds in your ears you should contact your GP for a professional diagnosis

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