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Reasons why Black Cats are Mysterious and Magical

Updated: Jan 22

Feline Familiars

Black cats were considered to be desirable partners for witches due to their ability to being able to remain unseen in dark places and when witch hunts grew in popularity, this knowledge contributed to superstitions about all black cats were developed.

Imposters Dressed in Black

Any black cat with tabby DNA may have faint stripes became visible after they been laying outside in the sunshine. The sun's rays breaks down their fur pigment and reveals their dormant tabby fur colouring, this is the cat version of a suntan. Research has shown that the increased melanism in black cats may help them be resistant to illness such as feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). The high levels of melanin in the pigment result in yellow irises and Melanism (the opposite of Albinism) this more prevalent in male cats.

Black Cats in different cultures are considered to be lucky

  • Black cats are believed to be lucky in United Kingdom.

  • If it is given as a wedding gift to a British Bride.

  • In China associated with warding of evil spirits and are good omens.

  • In Japan women owning a black cat are considered to be more attractive.

  • In Italy if a black cat sneezes it is believed to bring good luck.

  • In Latvia black cats are said to symbolise a good harvest.

  • In ancient Egypt cats were regarded as sacred and protectors of human energy.

  • If you discover a black cat in your garden this is said to mean prosperity according to Scottish Folk Lore.

  • It is a good omen to dream of black cats.

  • If a black cat is walking behind you.

  • If it's on a ship.

  • If you discover a white hair on one.

  • If its in the audience of a play on the first opening night.

Black Cats in different cultures are considered to be unlucky

  • During the Middle Ages if you happened to be a black cat.

  • In England were considered to be evil, symbol of witchcraft and bad omens.

  • In the United States of America it is considered unlucky if a black cat crosses your path.

  • If one is walking away from you.

  • In animal rescue shelters, black cats are the least likely to be adopted.

Nine reasons to adopt a Black Cat

  1. Black is a slimming colour.

  2. Black is always fashionable and chic in style.

  3. You'll always have a ready made Halloween decorations year round

  4. Black cat fur does not show up on dark clothes.

  5. They co-ordinate with any home décor and most outfits in your wardrobe.

  6. The majority of people believe that black cats are lucky.

  7. They don't care what colour your hair or skin is.

  8. They have a understated elegance that must be seen to be appreciated.

  9. They have amazing personalities and lots of love to share

Mysterious and Magical Cats

Cats can look through the veils of other realms. They are the only beings that can enter or leave a magic circle without breaking its energy field. Many are totems, spirit guides or they appear in your life as magical familiars. Cats do not 'sleep' in the way we think they do. The truth is, cats are interdimensional beings and regularly visit places we cannot. Their eyes are also capable of detecting wave lengths of light that the human eye is unable to see, thus they are able to see energies, spirits, elementals and much more. The same way that dogs are guardians in the physical world, cats are our protectors in the energy world. This is why cats were regarded as sacred in ancient Egypt. Before Europeans taught you that black cats were bad luck, she was a Goddess in ancient Kemet/Egypt by the name of Bastet, black cats were known for keeping evil spirits away.

''Frequency of the Cat Purr''

Cats can heal bones! House cats may actually be contributing to our physical and mental well-being. Exposure to the vibration of a cat purring between 20-50 hertz increase our bone density, this provides pain relief, heals tendons...etc. Russian athletes for the Olympic team are known for their increased performance when exposed to cats purring. They used a machine called 'The Purr' that was tuned to a cat purring to the frequency of 50 Hertz. This could explain why cats are said to have 9 lives!.

Cats of Witchcraft

Cats can be considered lucky omens for prosperity and good fortune, a cat of 3 colours is extremely lucky and will keep a house save from harm. A smutty-nose cat will bring wealth to its companions. Stroking a cat's tail 9 times grants good luck in love and just simply sharing your home with cats will bring you many blessings. Cats are believed to hold the spirit of the witch they belong to and will protect wiccans against evil.

Definition of Wiccan

A religion influenced by pre-Christian beliefs and practices of Western Europe that affirms the existence of a superhuman power such as magic, they believe in both male and female Gods who are omnipresent in nature, they do ritual observance of seasonal and life cycles.

Disclaimer this is purely for entertainment purposes


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