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What are Crystals?.

Updated: Jan 23

Crystals were created when the earth was born and they are still mutating (similar to humans DNA) crystals are a chemical imprint for the earth's evolution. Crystals DNA structures contains the developmental records of the earth and they contain permanent memories of the forces that shaped the earth we inhabit today. Some crystals have been grown in deep underground chambers, others subjected to enormous pressures, some laid down in layers, others dripped into existence. These variant formations of crystals affects their properties and how they function. Irrespective of the varying shapes they form, the crystals are absorbent, conserving, focusing and emit electromagnetic energy from their structure.

Crystals are not only defined by scientific terms but consists of all the mineral kingdom, The Stone People (Mother Earth's Record Keepers) are the living minerals, rocks, stones, and gemstones including mineralised shells, fossilised animals, and petrified plants. Crystals are aesthetically pleasing in their appearance and how they feel, fun to work with, with no ill side effects. The minor side effect is that they can make some individuals feel uncomfortable as some crystals may release or trigger suppressed memories, that inadvertently influence our thinking and emotions that we not ready to acknowledge or not deal with, hence creating a re-balancing of our energies.

Crystals have been used for over a thousand years to heal and bring about balance. They work through resonance and, vibrations. To gain maximum positive effect from crystal healing you need to be treated by a qualified or trained practitioner. Crystals are used in holistic healing, this means they work on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of the 'whole' individual. They realign subtle energies and dissolve 'dis-ease' by getting to the root cause. Crystals work in partnership with our physical bodies, by exchanging energy. Crystals give and take, our bodies absorb and release. This occurs holistically through our chakras which is comprised of seven major energy hot spots.

I will discuss more about chakras next month.


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