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What are Star Seeds/Starseeds?

Updated: Jan 23

Star seeds are said to be people who've experienced life on other planets throughout the universe and in other dimensions and parallel worlds other than planet Earth. Apparently they are three types of Star seeds and are as follows:

First is the A-Typical Star seed who is believed to have lived on Earth five to fifty times in preparation for them to became acclimatised to living in human form. Earth is like a place in which they re-discover their true life vocation. The Star seeds have already achieved a higher level of consciousness on other planets, hence due to their lesser life time experience on Earth, this A-Typical Star seed is able to keep their Extra Terrestrial (E.T) abilities, many are blessed with gifts of healing, Telepathic abilities, Channelling with higher non-human consciousness. These Star seeds are often referred to as ''New Age'' Star seeds because they choose to incarnate on Earth during times of Great ''Spiritual Awakenings''. This makes Earth their ideal location in which they can assist people with their recognisable Spiritual Gifts.

Secondly is the old Star seeds also known as ''Old Souls'' who existed during the creation of planet Earth. They are believed to be our Earth Guardians (also referred to as Guardian Angels) and they have spiritual links to the planet Sirius. Their main objective is in the long term human evolution on Earth, they incarnate several life times to complete their life vocations. They are in assigned roles of Great Spiritual Teachers, Prophets, Shamans, Light Workers (also referred to as Earth Angels). These Old Star seeds will have a natural affinity with Ley Lines and Sacred Sites and will often be assigned in influential powerful leadership roles such as Religious Leaders (High Priest and High Priestess), Politics, Financial Services, Law and Order, The Arts, Education, Marketing, Advertising and Royalty (Kings and Queens). These Old Star seeds have vast spiritual knowledge and wisdom of the ancient arts and practises that involve Runes, Astrology, Numerology, Light work, Reiki and ceremonies involving spirits. For these Star seeds they have had over one hundred to over several thousands life time incarnations and this will be their last Earth incarnation. These Star seeds have mastered the art of being grounded and spiritual aligned at the same time, due to their abilities in still having a connection with their E.T. origins despite living several life times in human form on planet Earth.

New Star seeds have usually few or no life experience on planet Earth. They choose to incarnate at this specific time because they are curious about people and what makes them human. It is easier for them to integrate at this time of Ascension as their energy is pure and this is their first incarnation on planet Earth. They are blessed with many gifts but due to being pure Spiritual Beings they will often experience difficulties in social interactions due to lacking experience in dealing with the lower human consciousness. These New Star seeds are often referred to as Crystal and Rainbow Children (Some are believed to the be seeds of Ashtar . This Earth incarnation is to prepare them for their future life time vocations and life time cycles on planet Earth.

Shared characteristics of the Star seeds

  • A keen interest in Spirituality.

  • Rapid Spiritual Development and a innate understanding that planet Earth is not their true home.

  • Have a keen interest with Outer Space and Science Fiction.

  • Usually very artistic, hyper-sensitive and advanced developed high level of consciousness.

  • Usually experience challenging or difficult lives.

  • Often have dreams or past memories of living on different planets.

  • Have connections or experiences of physical and non-physical communications with their Star Guides and U.F.O..

  • Have obvious characteristics abilities such as healing, channelling and psychic abilities.

The Star People sometimes referred to as Star souls perceive all people on planet Earth as Star Seeds because they believe that the physical human body is E.T. based on its D.N.A and other Universal sources such as Sirian and Pleiadian. All Star Seeds originate from the Source called God/Goddesses.


People on planet Earth will have no memory of their true soul vocation. This is because the majority of human existence consciousness is vibrating at a lower frequency due to the physical planet Earth being dense, hence the vast majority of people will be easily distracted by ''Earthly matters'' and will have no interest in E.T. and will be said to be not ''Awake'' and are instead influenced by the illusions of societal labels such as separation, invisible borders and lower consciousness.

Glossary of terms

Ley lines are straight lines that crisscross around planet Earth, similar to latitudinal and longitudinal lines they are located near monuments, sacred historical sites and natural landforms, where these lines intersect they are are said to have concentrated spiritual energy that can be harnessed.

Crystal Children were were born approximately 1990 to 2010, but some were early and were born in the 1980s majority of these children are blessed with the gifts of clairvoyance and healing abilities. They are called 'crystal' because their aura appears to be Octarine invisible to the human eye.

Rainbow Children are born from approximately from 2010 through to 2030, but many may of incarnated in the year 2000 or just before. The few Rainbow children that have been incarnated have parents who were born in the early 1980s (Early Crystal Children). They are blessed with the gifts of psychic and telepathic, not much is known about these children.

Aura is said to be the unseen spiritual energy field that surrounds all living things. The different colours of a person's aura gives insight on their emotional and spiritual well being. It is not always possible to see a person's aura colour with the human eye it is mostly felt by the majority of people instead, sometimes referred to as energy 'vibes'.

Spiritual Awakening also referred to as Spiritual Ascension means that on global perspective since events of 2020 a lot of people have experienced and witness life changing events that have made them re-evaluate their current life situations in which it is like they have ''awoken'' from a deep slumber or a' 'veil'' has been lifted and they are looking at their world from a complete different perspective. This means many people with be making life changing decisions, seeing existing relationships ending, meeting more kindred spirits.

Sirius is the brightest Star in the night sky and it is 8.611 light years from Planet Earth. Star People from this Star are called Sirian.

The Pleiades is a Star which is also known as the Seven Sisters and it is 444.2 light years from Planet Earth and the Star People from this are called Plediadian.

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