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What is A Spiritual Consultant?

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

In many cultures being a spiritual healer is believed to be a inherited divine gift passed down through family DNA. This divine gift like DNA mutates from generation to generation and is influenced by an individual choices. Alternatively this divine gift can be developed due to a traumatic life event that inadvertently unlocks the healing potential of a person's spirit. You don't have to see a psychic, medium, fortune teller, 'Mystic Meg' or a intuitive reader to see if you are a 'natural born healer'.

I suggest that that you simply look at your own life and see for yourself if you were born with a 'natural healing' gift. I have listed 24 signs that will help you deicide if you are a natural born spiritual healer. If you only experience one or two than this means you are not a spiritual healer, or alternatively if you experience several or most of these signs this means that you have a 'natural healing' gift.

  1. You are extremely hyper-sensitive and can feel other people's emotions. This will manifest in you feeling physical sensations of pain or feeling hurt.

  2. You have be told that you have a healing aura or it is soothing to be in your presence.

  3. Those around your are rarely ill.

  4. You have been diagnosed with anxiety.

  5. You have been diagnosed with a mood disorder.

  6. You are good at thinking of solutions to support other people to live a more fulfilling life.

  7. You work in traditional healing industries- educational establishments, health and social care environment, medical profession, massage therapist, chiropractors, counsellors, mentors, working with animals and so on.

  8. past, present and future family members are or were or are training in healing and caring industries such as teaching, medical, touch, verbal, art, music and so on.

  9. You dislike loud, crowded, noisy environments, you will suffer panic attacks that affect your breathing due to anxiety when out in public wide open spaces.

  10. You can sense a change in atmosphere when you walk into a room, thus you will know instinctively if a argument or altercation had occurred before you arrived.

  11. Family, friends and even strangers seek comfort and advice when they are experiencing problematic issues and you are a willing helper.

  12. You often feel overwhelmed by other people dumping their issues for you to fix and solve.

  13. Social interactions can make you feel physically drained at the end of the day.

  14. Children and animals are instinctively attracted to your presence.

  15. People ask you to massage or scratch their shoulder and back as you are renown for being good at doing this.

  16. You want people to feel welcomed and comfortable when they are sharing or visiting your home or space.

  17. You regularly experience neck and shoulder pain.

  18. Friends and colleagues like to get your advise on potential romance prospects or work related issues.

  19. Your preferred method of exercise is going for a walk, jog or run in green wide open spaces or doing yoga outside to breathe in the fresh air.

  20. You have keen interest in Spiritual based healing i.e. reiki, shamanism, meditation and so on.

  21. You are attracted to crystals for their aesthetic appeal and their potential healing properties.

  22. You experience frequent headaches or digestive issues.

  23. You are reading this Blog.

  24. Please feel free to leave a comment and share your own experiences too.


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