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What type of Empath are you?

Updated: Jan 8

Pisces (Attuned)

Pisces people are known for being compassionate, faithful, selfless, intuitive, introspective, quirky, and sympathetic. They may often appear spacey and detached because they are more concerned with the soul's inner journey than the body's physical one. These qualities make them extremely empathic individuals who are unable to prevent themselves from absorbing other people feelings. They can easily tuned into the feelings of their ' nearest and dearest'. This ability can sometimes be a curse because they feel both their own and others emotions deeply, people feel seen and heard when in their presence, hence this makes them very popular.

Aries (Fauna Empath)

Aries people are known for being full of energy, hence they represent Spring Energy especially when the Sun enters their Sign, all living beings desire is to recover from Winter. Aries during winter forms a deeper spiritual connection with animals much more better than the other Signs. Aries likes to go fishing or sail on water but that is their way for them to become at one with 'Mother Nature'.

Taurus (Physically Receptive)

Taurus people are the type of empaths who can actually manifest their feelings into actual physical symptoms. These 'psychosomatic' symptoms are very common to them. Many of their health problems is just another actual form of empathy. Taurus people by nature are very materialistic and have strong emotional attachment to things, hence they can actually mirror emotions of discomfort, stress or worries into their own bodies.

Gemini (Telepathic Empath)

Gemini People are very sensitive individuals who can easily attune to voices and energy vibes from their surroundings. This makes them telepathic empaths who can enhance easily their ability to send and receive messages to anyone they like. The lesson for Gemini is to feel liberated and non-judgemental when thinking. Allow your thoughts to travel freely and accept your gift of 'Telepathy' is rare powerful weapon, so use it carefully.

Cancer (Chameleon Empath)

Cancer people are the most sensitive and purest type of Empath. Cancer signs can also be described as ''' True Empath'' or ''Pure Empath'' due to your ability to instinctively to feel the subtle changes in emotions when you enter different spaces. Your ability to mirror peoples thoughts and emotions when you enter or change rooms affects your psyche and this changes you like the tides affected by the ebb and flow of waters.

Leo (Psychometric Empath)

Leo people have the ability that when they hold or wear an item that belongs to someone else that their mood is gradually affected and emotionally they can feel the attached story and be able to tell it. This psychometric ability is a rare gift among the other types of empaths. The lesson for Leo Signs is to let themselves free and allow the emotions to fill you and allow the item to share its story with you, simply by touching it.

Virgo (Flora Empath)

Virgo people are the only empaths who literally affect or can be affected by tress, flowers and plants in your surroundings. Virgo Signs are advised by astrologers to plant healing herbs in their homes. Lavender, Mint and Rosemary have healing properties for the Virgo's Psyche. Once Virgo's learn how to harness the healing energy of Trees they will become unstoppable.

Libra (Emotionally Receptive)

Libra People often appear indecisive to the other Signs. This indecisiveness is actually due to Libra's feeling the emotions of people nearby which ultimately affects their judgement. This explains their mood swings. Once this Sign is able to know the difference between emotions, which belongs to them and what ones are not, they can become very powerful.

Scorpio (Medium Empath)

Scorpio People from all the other types of Empath can naturally sense the presence of spirits and other invisible entities around them. This Sign is considered to be the best conjurer and it is this natural ability that makes them be a beacon of light for Spirits. This Sign have the gifts to obtain valuable information from Spirits. The lesson for Scorpio is to ensure that they feel secure and safe when communicating with spirits.

Sagittarius (Enlightened Empath)

Sagittarius People love to travel the World and get to be taught by teachers who speak of the truth of the World. This Sign is always searching for the true meaning of life. Sagittarius have the uncanny ability to empathically know the truth inside of people. They appreciate honesty and for people to be straight forward. If they sense that a person is lying or betrayed their trust they will instantly end that relationship long before the actual truth is revealed.

Capricorn (Geomantic Empath)

Capricorn People skill is their ability to uniquely sense the geomantic earth currents which flow underneath. This Sign can instinctively know what's wrong or right with a place, instantly liking it or not. Capricorns, are like natural feng shui detectors, because they can sense energies around their home and work spaces.

Aquarius (Gaia Empath)

Aquarius People should be named the Gaia Empath because of their ability of knowing instinctively that Gaia our 'Mother Earth' is full of energy or is sick. This Sign can feel the emotions of nearby people, but they can sense feelings of whole regions and sometimes continents. This type of Cyber-empath ability is their uniqueness that they potentially can deliberately scan countries and regions for feelings.

Please note this is purely for entertainment purposes, hence may not resonate with all of you

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